The Conjuring 2 Review

It’s been along time since I started writing. Alot has had happened in my life the last few years but I’m back and ready to do more reviews and posting about whatever strikes.

Starting with The Conjuring 2:


Have you seen the movie The Conjuring 2? I recently got to watch it and to put it bluntly, it’s an epic movie. I would have to say that it has exceeded the 1st one. Now I won’t lie it does have a rocky beginning but as it goes it’s really worth the wait. This one is about a little girl who gets basically possessed by a demon or whatnot and as usual Ed and Lorraine Warren comes to the rescue. The movie takes place in North London and revolves around the Warren’s and Hodgson’s. I won’t give anything away but I will tell you this, watch very closely and won’t get lost or confused.

The movie does have some negatives; such as taking to long to get to the story itself, and in scenes they didn’t think things out like when they should have either expanded or shorted them. Actor wise the main little girl is okay actress but they should have had her do some acting classes for some of the scenes.

Furthermore, the movie is a 10. Now I must say that actor Patrick Wilson and actress Vera Farmiga make a wonderful couple on screen. They both play off their emotions as well as lines. Their chemistry is so perfect for the role in both movies that it amazes me. Very few can pull it off and the fact that they did again just shows how well they work together.



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