Semi-Colon Project

The Semi-Colon Project is a very moving and wonderful thing that got started the spring of 2013 by Amy Bleuel to honor her father that has committed suicide.

Project : means your story isn’t over yet. A semicolon is used when an author could’ve ended a sentence but chose not to. You are the author and the sentence is your life.”


If you would like to go to the website and read a more detailed description of this movement, here is the link:

I find that this is a very touching and moving movement and one that I strongly agree with. I even in the midst of things bought a Semicolon necklace from Amazon. It’s not flashy or anything but I like it because it shows support for all that it represents.


I myself have bipolar and manic depression for years. I do go through periods where I am severely depressed and sad. I just fake being happy until it’s over then I’m “fine”. I do go to counseling/therapy for help so I can talk to someone professional. It has helped me in may ways and I am very thankful for that. Not everyone does though.

For me I never thought of suicide because I always knew that there was another way out of any situation. Others may not think they have any alternative then suicide.

If you feel that death is the only way to solve things please please get help. There is ALWAYS a way out that is a better solution.



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