99 Interesting Facts About . . .DREAMS

99 Interesting Facts About . . .DREAMS

This stuff is a bit weird but pretty cool too. Enjoy! 

Fact 4: “By the time we die, most of us will have spent a quarter of a century asleep, of which six years or more will have been spent dreaming—and almost all of those dreams are forgotten upon waking.”


Book Review 1

Kelley Armstrong’s book series ‘The Darkness Rising Trilogy’ which includes ‘The Gathering, The Calling, and The Rising’, is a great series if your into genetic mutation and people having powers and turning into animals and such. This series is part 2 of another series called “The Darkest Powers Trilogy” which include “The Summoning”, “The Awakening”, and “The Reckoning”. Both these series are pretty awesome. I recommend these books to anyone that’s interested in paranormal and mystery’s also. Armstrong really knows how to write great books and knows how to make you wanting more of the series. I hope that she writes more series like this because they really are pulling and phenomenal. 


Shirley Temple Everywhere!

Every since Shirley Temple died February 10, there has been so much media on her music, movies and even merchandise that she’s on. I will admit she had made a big difference throughout her life in many ways. Shirley was a U.S. Foreign Service Officer, Ambassador to Ghana in 1974, and even a Ambassador to Czechoslovakia from 1989-92′. I love her movie’s and watch them a lot. My favorites is ‘Heidi’ and ‘The Little Princess’. She was the best actress of ‘The Little Princess’ of the ones I’ve seen. At least she led a full life and did what she loved doing and even though she stopped because of a dramatic event in her life, she is still the greatest child actress ever.

If you wish to read her full biography here is the website:1925105_10152287283919369_382966981_n

A older Shirley Temple/Black
A older Shirley Temple/Black