Fairytale and Myth Assumption

Fairytales and myths have always have been in movies whether we know it or not. Everything comes from something. Books although seem to be better with making them come to life in my opinion. “Mirror Mirror” is an example. Now it’s a great movie but the director’s did not do a good job keeping the facts straight. For one thing, Snow White didn’t turn into a thief or whatever she is in the movie after she joins the dwarfs. For another thing, the names of the dwarfs are all wrong. I know this movie was supposed to be fun and not really all that factual, it’s just I get OCD about things like this. Recently I have been into reading books that go in detail of the stories in general. The Brothers Grimm had some very different views on the fairytales and how they are viewed. It’s a good thing kids only pay attention to the Disney versions otherwise no parent would ever get sleep.

Now I’m not saying that myths and fairytales are a bunch of bologna but some are remade or regenerated to seem sappier then they are. Now even though I am a female that does not mean I’m going to just assume all love or guys can be like that. Luckily for me I have a husband that has shown me what real love is and to give you a little advice: true love never ends.  





The reason for having this blog is to vent, put ideas that I have out, and to give opinions on things I’m interested in. Some topics may be a little harsh coming from my point of view but I respect ALL views no matter how different they are. This blog is just an outlet to help me manage my brain. This is in no way supposed to offend anyone but it will probably happen.

Questions, comments, or even ideas, I’m completely open to all. I like to have different varieties when I’m writing so a good book, poem, magazine article or whatever; just send me a reference for it and I’ll check it out. Or if you have music, or anything you would like me to mention that’s perfectly okay to. Thanks for viewing The Random. 🙂


-Maggie Coil